Thursday, August 4, 2011

Starstruck Prompt Day One

There are several sites out there that provide writing prompts. Ideas can come from so many places. I wanted to try and help my fellow writers with ideas. I will give credit where credit is due whenever the idea is borrowed from someone else. Each day I will post a new prompt with the title of "Starstruck Prompt." I will try to post in the mornings. This is totally informal. Use it when you can. Ignore it if it doesn't work for you. I will try to keep up with the prompts myself but I can't make any promises.

Our First Prompt!

Welcome. My 2012 Ikea Catalog arrived today. I love catalogs. I subscribe to several. They're often free so they're easy to come by. I think with some providers, if you don't buy from them within a certain amount of time, they stop coming, but they're really helpful. I miss Sears Big Books which were discontinued in the early nineties. Those had lots of ideas.

But today's catalogs can be helpful. For today's prompt, pick a page from any catalog. Write for fifteen minutes about the people who live there. Where do they live? What room are they in? What are they doing in the room? These are just starters. Feel free to use whatever you like. Don't forget to keep the picture.

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